Is Microblading right for me?

Microblading is a NATURAL look.  Suz creates individual hair-like strokes which follow your natural growth pattern resulting in a beautiful, realistic eyebrow.  
Many clients still add powder color to their brows after their brows have healed to give a more cosmetic look when they wish.  When make up is completely removed, you will still have very natural brows.
Microblading + Manual Shading is the combination of micro bladed, individual hairs and a shading technique performed after your initial session is healed and you come in to see Suz for your Perfection Session.  Suz chooses to wait to do micro-shading until you have healed from your initial micro blading session because your healed hairs can 'shrink' together a bit and it is easier to see exactly how much shading you will require in order to achieve a 'powdered' brow effect.  Microblading + Manual Shading is a more cosmetic look than Microblading alone.


The most important decision you will make in regard to your new brows is the microblading technician you choose.  If you want great results it is highly recommended that you seek a licensed tattoo artist - required in the state of Oregon in order to perform microblading -  who is thoroughly trained in the art of microblading by a stellar academy with the highest standards in the industry!
​The microblader at Divine Suz  Zinn, is dual licensed both in Esthetics and Tattoo/ Microblading and is a Certified PhiBrow Artist.

​PhiBrow Artists can be found by looking for the official PhiBrow logo assigned to only Certified PhiBrow Artists.  What does this mean?  Suz is a PhiBrow artist and learned her craft through a rigorous 6 month training course consisting of very specific methods.  This course requires the individual artist to pass 11 levels of mastery to ensure their work maintains a very high standard - the PhiBrow Standard.

Microblading Price List

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